Indigenous Cultural Safety Audit

In striving to adhere to one of NAAUC’s core values – Diversity; the 2018 executive have undertaken an audit of its Cultural Safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university residents. This audit is the first of its kind to be performed by NAAUC, and used an audit tool adapted from the healthcare setting. Members of each branch of the NAAUC Leadership Team (Working Party, State Reps and Executive) completed the audit, and the scores were averaged to quantify NAAUC’s cultural safety.

NAAUC’s organizational culture and attitudes are broadly warm and inclusive to all people, which led to it scoring well in some aspects of the audit. Broadly however, the average audit score renders NAAUC a “challenging service for Aboriginal people” and action needs to be taken to increase NAAUC’s cultural safety.

A series of goals have been established, including the incremental improvement of NAAUC’s cultural safety over the next two years. A number of actions were derived from the audit tool to help achieve these goals.

It is anticipated that in systematically working through these actions, NAAUC can become an organization which is culturally safe for its Indigenous Australian members. In the slightly longer term, this will allow NAAUC to pursue a Reconciliation Action Plan. Furthermore, it is hoped that university residences from around Australia follow suit and audit their own organizations, and take action to increase their cultural safety for Indigenous Australians.

To read the full NAAUC Cultural Safety Audit Report, access the adapted auditing tool or discuss the audit further, get in touch with our State Convenor, Dan Lindholm, who coordinated the audit and authored the report. He can be contacted via