NAAUC membership provides your residential community with year round engagement in the fantastic opportunities our Association provides: 

Discounted Fees

Members receive generous discounts for both our highly sought after ‘NAAUC On The Road’ program as well as our main event, the Annual National Conference.

Access to our Sponsors and Partners

Our 2019 memberships will come with unprecedented access to access deals, goods, and services from our expanded sponsor and partnership base. Watch this space!

Advice, Support and Referral

With the extensive experience of our national network, we have access to people who have experienced almost every problem a residential community could face, and we encourage members to tap into our experience as a resource to provide effective and applicable advice. NAAUC can also assist you in resolving conflict by acting as an independent external mediator. As an objective liaison between residential professionals and student leaders, NAAUC can help to bridge the gap in the event of a conflict and help both parties develop a mutually beneficial solution. Furthermore, for any issues beyond our advice, we can put you in contact with professionals, many of whom are NAAUC alumni, who may be able to provide assistance with the initial steps, without charge to your student club.


NAAUC publishes a tri-annual magazine titled ‘NAAUC Talk’ which is distributed to over 15,000 recipients, making it the best national forum for on campus living. The publication features articles from student leaders and NAAUC executive on topical issues. We also want to celebrate your residential community, its traditions and your upcoming events. With a dual focus on social and academic material, NAAUC Talk aims to encourage residents to join the national conversation.

Social Media

As our membership base is made up of students, NAAUC utilises social media as a means of communicating. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages experience constant student feedback and discussion on current issues experienced in residencies around Australia. This style of communication is very effective and ensures that messages to our members are received instantly. Not only this, but many use our pages as a forum to ask questions and find out specific information from our organisation about residences in certain areas.

Important information and NAAUC documents are also sent to our members via email, and interested parties can have further updates by following our LinkedIn profile and YouTube accounts. 

State Forum

Starting this year Members will get special access to a sample of our content in your State or Territory through our NAAUC State Summits, find out more here.



1 year membership


3 year membership