Apply to host the 2019 NAAUC Conference!


Every year the NAAUC Conference is made possible by the hard work of the NAAUC Executive, State Representatives and Conference Working Party. But the NAAUC Conference is nothing without a home. Every year during the NAAUC AGM, held during the annual conference, residences present competing bids to host the following year’s Annual National Conference.

The Annual NAAUC Conference will be held in November/December 2019.

The move to a Summer conference marks an important change for NAAUC, and it is essential that an appropriate residence is chosen for the conference.

To ensure that potential hosts can put together their strongest possible bid, in 2018 NAAUC is requesting all bidding residences to complete the application form below.

All Applications are due by 11.59pm Monday 31st July.

When we have received your applications, we will personally review each bid and contact the nominated person to discuss your application. We want to work with you to ensure that you have everything you need for your bid before the 2018 NAAUC Team will assess and conclude on your hosting application. We will confirm and announce the 2019 Conference location on Friday the 10th of August however we will be in touch before hand to notify you on your result.

Preparation is the key. In past, the winning residences have not be chosen based on their exotic location or exciting social calendar, but demonstrated their exceptional organisational skills by presenting a well laid out, informative and concise presentation. If you’re thinking of bidding your preparation should start now!

Bidding To-Do List

Rally the troops

NAAUC conference cannot run without an awesome Working Party! Think of the people you want to be on your Working Party or people who can help you with preparing the ideas behind the bid. These people do not necessarily have to come from the host residences, but it’s often beneficial engage nearby residences and their students in the conference.



Think about how you would like the conference to be run. Have  a brainstorm session about social events, the structure of the conference, guest speakers and locations. Who are some famous or successful Alumni from your residence or university? What makes your residence unique?


Approach your residence

Some would say this is the first step, however, you need evidence that this is not just a spur of the moment decision but that you have thought through the logistics. Not only do you have to sell your bid to delegates, but you also need to sell your bid to a residence. The more you show your residence staff that you are serious and that you have the support of other residents and committees, the more chance you have of winning their support! Be sure to discuss the accommodation and dining costs, logistics and any other matters you feel would be raised from an administrative point of view.  If your residence alone is too small to host the conference, you might think to approach a partner residence to co-host the conference.


The next step

Either your residence staff leadership team has rejected or agreed to your plan to bid. If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Ask what needs to be improved to have their support. Rework your bid. You must have the support of the residence bidding for next year’s NAAUC Conference – and get written support if possible. Check with your Head of residence if you can proceed to contact potential guest speakers and sponsors and you can ask them if they have any contacts you can use.


Time to put it together

Contact potential guest speakers, venues and sponsors. If you can present a bid showing you already have financial support, guest speakers and venues it works in your favour as it shows that you have considered a number of logistics.


Selling your bid

To ensure that you have the strongest bid possible, you will need to convince the NAAUC Executive why your bid should win. Unfortunately, if we do not believe that your bid has sufficient preparation, we may not allow it to proceed to vote at the AGM.

If you need any other assistance or have any questions contact Sophie Simpson at – we’d love give you some pointers!


Please complete the form below if you wish to apply to host the 2019 NAAUC Conference.

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