The equity scholarship is to be awarded to an outstanding tertiary student living at a residential community in Australia for the duration of 2016, who due to financial circumstances, personal hardship or remote/rural location relative to the location of the 2016 conference, may find it difficult to fully finance their attendance. Qualifying areas when applying on remote/rural grounds include areas outside the CBD or capital, all of Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Ideally we would expect the recipient to hold or be looking to hold a position of leadership within their respective residence. Please note that your residence does not have to be a NAAUC member in order for you to apply for this scholarship. 

Applicants need to include the following in their application (no more than 1 page): 

  • Explain your personal suitability for the scholarship 
  • Explain what you want to get out of the conference and what you hope to take back to your residential community
  • A reference from your current President or Head of Hall, whichever is most relevant to your current role

The selection criteria for the scholarship are as follows: 

  • Level of hardship faced in terms of financing and attending the conference 
  • Personal interest in improving the residential community experience nationally 
  • Proven commitment to improving the residential community environment, demonstrated through their achievements thus far at their own residence 

The successful applicant will be required to: 

  • Be willing to share their residential community experience with the NAAUC Alumni if asked upon by the Executive Committee 
  • Exhibit behaviours during the conference that exemplify NAAUC's values
  • Be willing to participate in discussion with the Heads of Colleges and other college administration delegates on the topic of their research when approached by the NAAUC team.