What does signing up for Conference Fees look like?

It’s a 2-step process 1) Pay via Q-Pay 2) Fill out Delegate Registration Form. (Important: unfilled registration forms will incur a late processing fee, so check emails for dates to get this filled by, ideally the day you sign up)

How do I pay?

Through QPay with card. Tickets will be sent to delegates through text, and invoices sent to the payer’s email address

Can I sign up multiple delegates at once?

Yes! The first on the list to sign up is the ‘payer’ and is the card holder, and then followed by the rest of the delegates

How many delegates can I send?

As many as you like! The more the merrier. 

I want to register for the conference, to take advantage of the early bird fee, but our residence hasn’t finalised delegates, what can I do?!

No worries we have you covered – register as ‘[college name] delegate one... etc.’ Make sure you spell number in letters, i.e. delegate ‘two’ instead of ‘2’ (as it won’t accept numbers). Allowing you to gain access to early bird fees, letting us know who your delegates are later – be sure to get this and the Delegate Registration Form done early to avoid the late processing fees.

My college is a NAAUC member, how do I access my discount on QPay?

A password will be emailed to the person who signed up for membership (hint: you need this to get member priced conference fees – so make sure you have it handy when signing up!)

The form says ‘Payer’s Details’ what does this mean?

This is the person’s details who has the card, could be your admin or president/treasurer or delegate, they will be listed as a delegate for conference and a ticket will be purchased in their name. If the person paying is not attending conference send the delegates name who is going to QPay (as explained on the website).

I’m having trouble with the registration process/buying tickets, who do I contact?

Send an email to support@quicklypay.it for excellent 24/7 support!

I’m interested in registering for Conference, but want to know about membership deals. Where do I go?

Simply click here and we'll redirect you to our Membership page!