NAAUC's Residential Committee Structures Survey


Student residences at Universities provide personal development and further the education of their students. Despite the importance of this sector within tertiary education, there is a lack of research regarding the best practise for university and residential hall policies. The purpose of this project is to record the structures created by students within tertiary residences to organise events and student advocacy. With the influx of new residential halls built by universities, this could be used as a best practise guide for creating new residential committee structures within these new residences.  


The scope of the study will be all university owned, affiliated or commercially partnered student accommodation residences in Australia. For this study, the exclusion criteria will be commercial providers who are not formally partnered or affiliated with an Australian university. University-owned off-campus share houses of less than 10 places will also be excluded. The study will catalogue the different residential committee structures and positions, and the different contexts that these structures operate in.


This study aims to record the most common residential committee structures within Australia. These results could then be used to create new residential committee structures within new halls built by universities. The study will hopefully have formal supervision from a university researcher, and the ultimate aim will be publication in a reviewed journal.


Please do your best to fill out this survey! NAAUC will be forever grateful.


NAAUC Team 2018


4. How may residents live in your residence? *
5. How old is your residence? *
6. Does your residence have a students' association/committee? *
7. How old is your students' association/committee? *
10. Which best describes your hall of residence? *
11. Is your residential committee an incorporated association? *
12. Are the rules that govern your committee codified in a written document? *
17. Which roles do you have on your residential committee? (Tick all that apply) *
Or nearest equivalent.
18. Does your college have a board? *
If So, is there student representation on that board?
20. Does your committee have an executive? *
As well as any other comments regarding the executive and their function.
21. Overall, is your residential student leadership team successful in displaying and encouraging: *
21. Overall, is your residential student leadership team successful in displaying and encouraging:
Purpose and Vision
Pastoral Support
Community Engagement
Diversity and Representation
Succession Planning
Appropriate Professionalism