Throughout the year, NAAUC takes the academic program ‘On the Road’ to make our services accessible to your residential community on-site and on-demand. To carry out a NAAUC On the Road session, our experienced executive members and skilled alumni personally visit your residential community to provide support when and where it is needed. Every residential community is different, meaning we evaluate every NAAUC On the Road session to provide a unique program which is tailored to your students and their needs.

The content of these sessions is extremely versatile, ranging from consulting services focused on particular issues to leadership training days involving multiple communities. We can also offer services during Orientation Weeks to help give information to incoming students of your residence. NAAUC can deliver seminars, personalised workshops and even facilitate discussion sessions between several residential communities at your university. The On the Road program is particularly effective for student leadership training, changeover programs, orientation week, strategic planning sessions and problem solving consults.

For all enquiries and bookings, or if you would like to request a session which is not listed on our presentation list, please contact our Vice President George Hibbard at