Throughout the year, NAAUC takes the academic program ‘On the Road’ to make our services accessible to your residential community on-site and on-demand. To carry out a NAAUC On the Road session, our experienced executive members and skilled alumni personally visit your residential community to provide support when and where it is needed. Every residential community is different, meaning we evaluate every NAAUC On the Road session to provide a unique program which is tailored to your students and their needs.

The content of these sessions is extremely versatile, ranging from consulting services focused on particular issues to leadership training days involving multiple communities. We can also offer services during Orientation Weeks to help give information to incoming students of your residence. NAAUC can deliver seminars, personalised workshops and even facilitate discussion sessions between several residential communities at your university. The On the Road program is particularly effective for student leadership training, changeover programs, orientation week, strategic planning sessions and problem solving consults.



For all enquiries please contact our Vice President at vp@naauc.edu.au



Presenter half day $150

Presenter full day $300

Additional Presenters: $100 each per half day

Surcharges may apply for presentations to large groups or multiple residences



Presenter half day: $180

Presenter full day: $360

Additional Presenters: $120 each per half day

Surcharges may apply for presentations to large groups or multiple residences




These are a new style of presentation within NAAUC where we aim to break down common barriers and misconceptions held by attendees and encourage them to undertake critical analysis of both themselves and their communities with reference to that topic. Topics are:

  • Leadership
  • Identity
  • Wellness
  • Diversity
  • Community


Seminars provide an opportunity for students to become informed on all aspects of the rights, responsibilities and expectations of leaders within residential communities as well as topical issues facing them, effectively preparing them to make a positive change within these communities:

  • Residences, the Media, the Wider Community & Media Crisis Management
  • Traditions & Cultural Change
  • Life’s a Pitch & Public Speaking
  • Legalities & Liquor Licensing
  • How to be Employable & Life after living on campus.
  • Sponsorship, Merchandise & Professional Partnerships
  • Time Management & Burn Out
  • O-Week
  • Sex, Sexuality & Gender
  • Gender Equality in Collegiate Leadership
  • Building Culture, Spirit & Alumni
  • Now What: How to Implement Positive Change Following NAAUC
  • Spirituality in Modern Residences.
  • Budgeting & Finance                          
  • Pastoral Care & Care of Duty
  • Sustainability
  • Running an Effective Meeting
  • Risk Management
  • Effective Community Branding through Social Media
  • Establishing links between Residences and the Community
  • Fostering Wellness in Communities
  • Integration of all residents and cultures


Workshops impart practical skills & knowledge required in all residential communities nationwide. The objective of each workshop is to provide groups of students with interactive sessions led by people with relevant experience & expertise in the field. This hands-on experience allows students to participate in set activities in the form of scenarios, situation analysis & templates.                        

  • Conflict Resolution & Fostering Successful Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Event Planning & Logistics
  • Operating Effectively as a Committee
  • Strategic Planning and Effective Changeover


Encouraging & aiding future leaders is the principal purpose of NAAUC. Role Development Seminars are a key tool in passing critical information on to aspiring leaders, outlining primary tasks & responsibilities of each role, and sharing lessons learnt from other leaders.

  • President/Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Social Representative                        
  • Sports Representative
  • Arts/Cultural Representative
  • Intercollegiate Representative
  • Residential Assistant/ Senior Resident