Alcohol Management Policy


NAAUC has a strict no pre-drinking policy. This policy is intended to apply during conference, and any other NAAUC organised or affiliated event. The policy applies to all delegates, team members and anyone else affiliated with NAAUC.

Delegates (and any other conference attendees) are welcome to drink responsibly at NAAUC sponsored events in compliance with the relevant liquor licence. However, delegates must refrain from purchasing their own alcohol separately and consuming it in their rooms or other common areas at the host residence. Further, conference attendees may not consume alcohol at non-prescribed venues.

NAAUC will endeavour to implement an “Alcohol Amnesty” procedure on the first day of National Conference. Any conference attendees who have brought alcohol in their luggage may surrender their alcohol without penalty to a member of the NAAUC team.  This alcohol will be stored by the NAAUC team for the duration of National Conference and NAAUC will make every reasonable attempt to return it to the attendee on the last day.


All members of the NAAUC team are responsible for the enforcement of this policy. The NAAUC Executive team retains the right to exercise their discretion in responding to non-compliance of these rules. When responding to non-compliance the NAAUC team will attempt to follow the below process. However, when responding to extreme non-compliance, or particularly unacceptable behaviour, the Executive team retains the right to skip steps of the process.


If a conference attendee is found to be pre-drinking, or if a member of the NAAUC team has a reasonable suspicion that they have been, or will, pre-drink, the team member will follow the below process:

  1. Explanation of the alcohol management policy to the attendee(s) concerned. The NAAUC team

  2.  If the attendee again fails to comply with this policy, the alcohol will be confiscated by the NAAUC team member.

  3. If the attendee yet again fails to comply with this policy, the NAAUC Executive team may contact the purchaser of the attendee’s conference ticket (eg the residences’ Head/Principal/Student Club etc).

  4. If the attendee still fails to comply with this policy, the NAAUC Executive team reserves the right to ask the attendee to leave Conference.

    •  If this situation arises, NAAUC will not offer a conference ticket refund.