Grievance Procedure

If any section of the Code of Conduct has been breached, the complainant is encouraged to approach the NAAUC Grievance Officer. When responding to a complaint, the Grievance Officer shall: 

  1. Respond to the complaint within 24 hours. In doing so the Grievance Officer must: 

    • Ascertain the facts of the alleged breach of the policy. 

    • This could include (but is not limited to) the aggrieved party stating what the grievance is, identifying the facts and issues together with an indication of what resolution is being sought. 

  2. The Officer must report any allegation of a breach of this Policy to the NAAUC Executive team, unless the allegation of the breach involves a NAAUC Executive team member (as per the below clause). 

  3. If the complaint involves (either directly or indirectly) any member of the NAAUC Team breaching the equity policy, or condoning the breach of the equity policy, the grievance officer may seek advice from whoever they feel appropriate in resolving the conflict.

    • If there is more than one Grievance officer, the Officer in question can choose to not report the incident to the whole Executive team, if the incident includes an Executive member. 

    • In that case, the Grievance Officers may deal with the incident via whatever methods they feel are appropriate, with reference to the steps below.

  4. Within a further 24 hour time-frame, the Grievance Officer will ascertain the nature of the breach, providing all relevant parties the opportunity for input, maintaining an open mind in an effort to understand the issues as seen by the various parties. 

  5. At any stage of this process, the Grievance Officer may gather any documentation or supporting material and take such notes as necessary.

    • The Grievance Officer may also speak to people indirectly involved with the complaint, who may act as witnesses or in any other capacity. 

  6. If the Officer, or the NAAUC Executive team has a reasonable suspicion that the alleged breach is true, they may make a determination based on the materials gathered relating to the merits of the complaint. 

  7. In collaboration with the other Grievance officer (or the NAAUC Executive team, whoever is more appropriate), the Officer will make recommendations on options to resolve the grievance. This can include, but is not limited to: 

    • Recommending one or more parties apologise. 

    • Enforcing sanctions, including restricting participation in some or all of the NAAUC Conference activities. 

    • The NAAUC Executive team may contact the residence, or student club, that funded the attendee’s conference ticket regarding the incident.

    • For a particularly serious breach of this policy, the NAAUC Executive team reserves the right to ask the attendee to leave Conference.

    • If this situation arises, NAAUC will not offer a conference ticket refund.

  8. Any collected documentation, decisions and/or recommendations of the Grievance officer are to be handed over to the Secretary, or other Executive Member (where appropriate) for the purposes of record keeping. 

    • All documentation must be marked private and confidential and treated appropriately.