Equity Policy

National Association of Australian University Colleges Incorporated. When delegates attend the Conference, they can be confident that they will be walking into a safe, inclusive and friendly environment. To that end we have created an Equity Policy to be administered by the Management Committee during the Conference. 

This policy applies without exception to all persons attending any part of the Conference, whether it is in the capacity of a delegate, Management Committee Member, staff member, guest or any other capacity. 

The Management Committee are committed to a policy of equal opportunity in all areas of college life. The Management Committee accept that it is their responsibility to promote an environment free from discrimination and to ensure that a principal of merit is able to operate free from regard to irrelevant criteria. 

Discriminatory conduct or irrelevant criteria may include but are not limited to sex, marital status, pregnancy, race, age, religion, sexual preference, political beliefs, impairment, family responsibility and family status. These criteria are not intended to be exhaustive and will include any conduct to which a person indicates they are uncomfortable with or which the Management Committee believe to be inappropriate. 

People are to be treated fairly as individuals with rights and responsibilities that are to be respected. No person is to be unfairly discriminated against, abused or exploited. The Management Committee aim to promote a just environment whereby all members are able to access any opportunities they may wish and to facilitate full participation in college community.

For more information on this Equity Policy or how it may be administered in your college, please do not hesitate to contact the NAAUC President.