Social Media Policy

This policy, without exception, applies to all persons who use and interact with our official social media pages. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Smart Phone Applications and YouTube which are created and operated by the Management Committee. This policy applies to all, whether it is in the capacity as a member, delegate of our conference, Management Committee member, alumni or any member of the public.

The Management Committee are committed to a social media policy that is inclusive, informative and respectful of the organisation, its members and university colleges and halls of residents  within Australia. The Management Committee accept that it is their responsibility to promote an environment free from discrimination and to ensure that a principal of merit operates to provide relevant criteria; as consistent with our Equity Policy.

Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to, discrimination of any kind, defamation of an individual, group or organisation, inappropriate content that may cause distress and links to pages and discussions that do not fit the mission and purpose of NAAUC Inc. These conducts are not intended to be exhaustive and will include any conduct which a person indicates they are uncomfortable with, or which the Management Committee believe to be inappropriate.

All complaints, be they internal or external, should be directed to the President of the association via the following email: