At NAAUC, we aim to provide delegates the best experience possible. To ensure this, we place a strong emphasis on delivering our services to a high standard and quality. We take a lot of pride in this.

To ensure that we are meeting our benchmarks, we would love it if you could give us your feedback and experience of #NAAUCCON18 in this survey below.

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1. What is your year level at your residence? *
2. Did you hold a leadership position at your residence while attending NAAUCCON18? *
3. Overall, how would you rate your overall expereince of the 2018 NAAUC National Conference
4. How would you rate the relevance of the content from this year’s academic program? *
6. What do you think was the most useful format of knowledge sharing? *
7. What are your thoughts on the amount of time allocated to The Pitch? *
8. How would you rate the general logistics of this year’s conference (e.g. transportation options, costs to delegates, facilities etc.) *
9. How would you rate the social program of this year’s national conference? *
12. How much has your overall knowledge/skill base improved over the conference? *
13. Do you believe that by the end of 2018, you will implement something at your residence that you learnt from this year’s conference? *
16. Do you believe that NAAUC can play more of a role to assist your residence throughout the year? *
17. How would you rate NAAUC’s overall engagement with you/your residence throughout the year? (e.g. Social media, emails, website) *