One of the biggest assets of each National Conference is in the diverse knowledge and experiences of our delegates. To ensure we have as many voices as possible engaged in the conversation, NAAUC offers several scholarships to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to attend the conference. Our scholarships are also designed to maximise personal and professional gain from attending the conference. Furthermore, NAAUC views the contribution of delegates as a critical means of staying relevant to the ever changing residential community culture. The following scholarship will be offered in 2018 with the eligibility of applicants, the number and level of bursary to be decided by the executive.

Applicants must submit an electronic word processed application to the NAAUC Secretary, Sophie Simpson, at by 11:59pm 1st June 2018. 

Recipients of a NAAUC scholarship will not be eligible for any other conference discount subsidy from NAAUC. Please note that the NAAUC conference scholarships do not cover the cost of personal travel arrangements or personal spending money.

We look forward to hearing from you!